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We specialize in old Czech and DDR foundation line German Shepherds. Today, Von Miller kennels is one of the few breeders worldwide actively preserving.

We are ready for a new one. We incorporate the very best quality breeding females into our program; those which are known to possess warm temperaments, are substantial in bone and body type and who also possess strong genotype and are proven to be consistent in passing on these qualities.

They are quite larger than most German shepherd breeds, with males reaching up to 68 pounds, while the females weigh between 49 to 71 pounds.

K-9 Specialists works with the best breeders to ensure our limited selection well represents the German shepherd breed. While getting your new companion.

We'd be delighted to talk over your requirements or answer any questions you may have. Czech German Shepherds respond best to Positive Reinforcement training.

German Shepherd puppy breeder. Vom Banach K9 breeds top quality puppies from import DDR/Czech and West German working German Shepherd lines.

This article, however, focuses on one type so you can learn the history of the Czech German Shepherd, how it compares to czech german shepherd breeders usa types of German Shepherds, what to look for in a breeder of Czech German Shepherds, and of course the appearance, grooming, temperament, exercise, training, feeding, and health issues of the Czech German Shepherd.

Ear infections can be managed with careful cleaning of the ears with solutions. You may think you are helping the sweet little Czech Shepherd puppy by bringing it to a good home, but you are only encouraging the bad breeder to build their puppy mill.

Additionally, Czech German Shepherds of today may have diluted bloodlines, meaning a Czech Shepherd may have been bred with another German Shepherd at some point — such as an American German Shepherd.

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Berit and Puppies Born August 19, This training method teaches dogs that they must ask for what they want — the give and the take. A simple book will do just fine.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The Belgian Malinois is another type of German Shepherd that is originally from the city of Malines in the Northwest region of Belgium. I will try and get my site back up asap.

High Quality Czech Bred Imported German Shepherd Puppies From Jinopo Available Through A1K9

Our Czech German Shepherd K9s are serving as family protection dogs, women, celebrities, police K-9s patrols and explosives detection and drug detection. Call Us: Breeder of Solid Blacks and Black sables!! Dan Hello i have been looking all over the place for someone that know what there doing with Shepards and I think I found it.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost incurred. Within five months of the border opening half of the 50, guards had been dismissed with the remainder retained to dismantle the border fortifications. This command is not mandatory but is merely a fun trick for the pup to learn! West German Show and Working GSD: Body: Narrow skinny-when not overly fed body with long legs, narrow head with pointy muzzle Personality: These dogs are typically very fast, highly driven, very friendly and social.

It is best to do your own research. Sound hips and elbows, structural health, keen intelligence, steadfast loyalty and superior working ability are equally important qualities within our breeding program. Hi Kelly, you have a couple mistakes in your article. Thank you so much! A Czech Shepherd like this may also thrive around people and social situations. While the Czech German Shepherd is a relatively new breed, they have become quite popular very quickly around the world.

We uphold only the highest standards in the health, temperament and structure of our dogs, as well as in their care, placement and upbringing.

While the two types are very similar, they do have voip with esp32 differences.

Just czech german shepherd breeders usa sure you give a balanced diet rich in protein and healthy fats. Repeat this until the dog confidently remains sitting. Too many treats will make your dog overweight. Many pet supply stores allow dogs, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce your Czech German Shepherd to new dogs, different critters, and unfamiliar people.

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Sable German Shepherd. For example, always practice in the living room with the blue leash.

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Modern breeding of the bloodlines is not as heavily regulated, so Czech German Shepherds are often bred to be more docile family pets than energetic and highly-focused working dogs.

Your email address will not be published. When the German borders were opened in the need for guards and guard dogs ended.

Red Rock K9 is one of the most powerful authorities among Oklahoma German Shepherd Breeders. Our German Shepherd Puppies are the best of the best.

Along with basic commands, it is pertinent that you teach your Czech German Shepherd proper socialization skills. Access to fresh, clean water on a daily basis is absolutely pertinent.

The Dutch Shepherd is very independent and can have a mind of its own. When comparing all German Shepherd Dog breeds, they are very similar in temperament, size, energy level, czech german shepherd breeders usa, work ethic, grooming needs, diet, potential health issues, and lifespan. Leashes with 2 handles can help you control a strong puller.

Rolandsteich, and from Czech Republic, 6 time World Team Competitor, for the German Shepherd Dog, are what we look for in our breeding dogs.

Use the same manners to achieve each command each time you ask. Physical activity can include walking, running, and playing in the backyard with toys.

German Shepherds Trained. For czech german shepherd breeders usa, when you are teaching your puppy to Sitstart with the puppy in a standing position and push his back end down until he is sitting, while saying the Sit command. Our Puppies.

Most Important Introductory Guide on the Czech German Shepherd

Strict breeding criteria was put in place and breed wardens aggressively culled dogs with any sign of hip dysplasia or weak temperament. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. A daily walk and some play time with toys are usually enough to burn some energy and keep them from getting anxious and hyperactive.

Specializing in European workingline German Shepherds with excellent health, temperament, and workability.

Share Can you send czech german shepherd breeders usa on reservation and price please? Mack " Thanks for your initial support and aftercare advice, very much appreciated and great to know you are a phone call away. Click Here for Bady's Pedigree.

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Dog food varies by breed, weight, activity level, metabolism, health, and age. Males with undescended testicles were culled. Many of the DDR dogs were sold, abandoned, or put down.

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Every puppy will have an FCI export pedigree and you will be notified of the kennel name at the time of ordering your new personal protection dog. Okay, thank you.

The Original Importer of "Czech" Border Patrol German Shepherd Dogs. We provide our AKC REGISTRABLE K9 trained Imports and PUPS FOR WORK in situations.

Refill the water bowl 2 or 3 times each day if necessary. Select from our available German shepherd categories below We carry our beliefs into our practices; there is an art and knowledge poured into each individual German shepherd we work with.

Be sure to read the package carefully and look for dry dog food with natural and nutritional ingredients to feed their active lifestyle, growing bodies, and strong muscles.

Start with breeders in your local area.

imported German shepherds puppies for sale from German and Czech. Show/schutzhund natural protector, intelligent, quality puppies health tested.

Cheers Rozarie. Look for the Sable coloration, large size, and alert focus to know if the dog is a Czech German Shepherd. Schrader This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4.

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If you wait, bad behaviors may form and it will be more difficult to break them when they are older. They have stronger bones and dark pigmentation, and most importantly, they also have a very low rate of hip and elbow dysplasia.

German shepherd dog is one of America's most popular dog breed because he Rodina Straze Breeder of working DDR & Czech German Shepherd.

These protection dogs czech german shepherd breeders usa be 12 months plus and have started in man work and tracking and have a good standard obedience. Please finlux tv anmeldelse through our list of well prepared German shepherd males, females and puppies.

AKC registration is transferred to you fully without "strings" attached.

CZ is a group of professional breeders with 21 years of experience in breeding German Shepherds at former z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennel.

Be consistent. The command Come is extremely important to teach a Czech German Shepherd. Mally 5 Months Old. As a dog bred to work throughout the entire day, showing full stamina, endurance, and agility, the Czech German Shepherd requires no less than 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity each day. You do not want a dog who disobeys and runs away.

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They are well known for their strong characteristics such as being complaisant, having a muscular body, heavy bone structure, large head, and strong temperament.

What A1K9 Customers Say. Thank you for your interest in Czech German Shepherds!

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Hades z Danaru. Puppies Our puppies are special. Rudingen and Don v. Since dogs are often food-motivated they often understand this command very quickly. One caution to take when locating a Czech German Shepherd breeder overseas is the method of bringing that puppy home. And third, too much human food could evidently kill your dog. Our whelping rooms and facilities are state of the art and we provide the best nutrition possible. Remember to sternly voice the Shake command.

Discourage barking, jumping, and chewing immediately. Hip dysplasia is more likely to set in at a young age in an overweight Czech German Shepherd.

The emphasis is very much on breeding dogs of healthy and unexaggerated construction that are versatile with balanced drives. These trades make them desirable and highly used as Protection and Companion dogs. In that year there was no Czech or slovak republic yet and no communist either…perhaps you meant ?

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September 15, - May 4, We believe in quality over quantity and we only bred the best of the best while keeping the gene pool diverse. For a long and healthy life, take your Czech German Shepherd to the veterinarian on a yearly basis and if any symptoms arise.

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GSD Puppies Available. The buyer further agrees not to sell, give or release this dog to any pet shop, retail store, dog dealer, animal testing facility, research facility or agents.

Select from our available German shepherd categories below

We specialize in Czech, Slovak, and West German working bloodlines, with our first litter being born in The risk of loss, injury, or death is far too high. For a simple and straightforward guide, D. Adult male German shepherds have typically larger body size and more active temperament.

Rodina Straze Breeder of working DDR & Czech German Shepherd puppies Raised under the Puppy Culture Program AKC registered, Health Guarantee & Lifetime.

Sternly voice the command Down while doing so. Some German Shepherd types can be black and tan with a saddle while others like the Czech German Shepherd are sable in color. Now you want to signal to your dog that it is time to walk out the door. Working lines are not necessarily bred for appearance, but more for their focus on the ability to work, their stamina, and their comfort levels of working in fields.

Czech German Shepherd owners will also want to teach the Stay command. Visitors to this web site. To teach the Come command, start with your dog a short distance away from you — perhaps only a few steps away. Positive Reinforcement redirects unwanted behaviors toward desired behaviors. Onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, avocados, caffeine, salt, and alcohol can all be lethal to a dog.

Hades and Kids: Versa, Voodoo, and Venice! Please bare with me, my menu and pages are a mess, but the pages do work. In a high-pitched voice, use their name and the Come command.


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